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What is Tarot anyway?

The Tarot is system of divination made up of 78 cards which are broken down into the 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards.  You may be familiar with 'The Lovers' card or the 'Death' card if you have ever seen Tarot in TV or in films etc as these are the favourites. These cards are specifically chosen as the ideas behind these cards are normally the most accessible and reactionary... I mean who doesn't want love and happy endings? Who doesn't gasp when Death is mentioned? (I could go into a whole diatribe here as to why the Death card doesn't mean actual Death but I will save that for another time).  Whilst these depictions do not do either of these cards, or Tarot in general any Justice (no pun intended.. sorry Justice is another Tarot card you know :)), they do help to tell a story, which essentially is what the Tarot is for.  It tells a story, more importantly it tells the story of you.  

Whilst exact origins of the Tarot are lost to the pages of history as Tarot has come in and out of fashion its origins are believed to have been based in fortune telling. Whilst the Tarot can be a fantastic predictive tool, this is only a small fraction of what the Tarot and a reading can offer.

The Tarot can provide guidance, help us unlock the answers within us, help us to come up with strategies to face and work through the darker phases of our life and empower us to make better choices and decisions.  

Tarot has always attracted a lot of mysticism which has inadvertently made it seem as something evil or bad. In reality there is nothing evil or bad about the cards, they are only paper and ink after all.  It is the intention that is the key.  My intention is to translate the many symbols and aspects of the cards into information that you can use to achieve the best version of your higher self.  To help you understand the past, present and potential future and allow you the freedom to change it.  After all it is only the past that can not be changed as that has already happened... the future is not and is never set in stone.....

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William Shakespeare

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

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