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Growing up as a child I was always fascinated with the idea of Fortune Tellers, mystics and magical things.  I was introduced to the Tarot at a very early age by my Nan who also read the cards and gifted me my first deck at the age of 11. I knew straight away that I had been gifted something powerful, something important and something that needed to be respected but was never afraid or felt like it was something 'bad'. 

Back in the days before the internet it was hard to find my groove, or find good resources for learning so I spent a lot of time reading and re-reading the same book trying to figure things out. Over the years I constantly returned to the cards in order to build a connection with them, to understand the many layers of information they have to offer and to tap into and trust my intuition.   I was always waiting for the time to feel right and now I finally feel that strong connection and pull to the cards.  Whilst I do not think anyone will ever know all there is to know about the Tarot -, I really do see it as a lifelong commitment to learn and study-, I have built a strong relationship with it which has allowed me to give advice and guidance to myself and to others. 

I believe the true power of the Tarot is to help us make empowered decisions and informed choices in order to help us tackle the day-to-day struggles life throws at us.  It can also help us navigate our issues, offering honest and practical advice and guidance.  When you bring the question to the Tarot you also bring the answers.  My goal is to use my intuitive and analytical reading of the cards to give you the information and guidance you need to create your own future......

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