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New Moon in Aquarius and Tarot-scopes for each zodiac sign

New Moon in Aquarius and Tarot-scopes for each zodiac sign

The new moon in Aquarius shows up on February 1st 2022. What better way to start a new month than with a new moon. Why? I hear you ask.. well new moons are the perfect opportunity to set new intentions for the coming weeks. To plant the seeds as it were for what you would like to manifest, develop, grow and achieve during the weeks and months ahead until the full moon of Aquarius returns in August.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet of Uranus and is the 11th house in the zodiac. Aquarius with its Uranus influence encourages us to dream bigger, go further and really push the boundaries. Revolutionary and humanitarian thoughts and ideas are what really makes this sign tick, breaking down the norms and old ways of thinking in order to make way for the new. If you have been feeling stuck or confined lately this could be the time you have been waiting for to breakout.

In Tarot the sign of Aquarius is represented by The Star with Uranus as The Fool. Combining these influences together you can see the carefree dreamer who is not afraid to be vulnerable in order to follow their dreams, their calling and make the changes they want to see.

Now here are some new moon in Aquarius readings for you using Odin's Playbook Tarot by Dani'el Norman

Aries: Ruler of Rings - Hardworking and practical, you have the Midas touch. Take the lead in practical matters, especially when it comes to money

Taurus: Poet of Staves (rev) - News around a project may be delayed but don't be discouraged. Be on the lookout for new opportunities

Gemini: 6 of Staves (rev) - Sometimes self praise is all you need. Celebrate your wins no matter how small

Cancer: 5 of Rings (rev) - Don't mistake offers of help for charity and pity. Accept what you need to able to look to the future

Leo: Death -A time for change is coming. What needs to go to allow you to move forward?

Virgo: Poet of Axes (rev) - Take things one at a time, don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need it

Libra: The Magician - You have everything you need to get things moving, don't waste the potential to create something new

Scorpio: 3 of Rings - A busy time ahead sees plans taking shape and you are seeing results, make sure you have the right team around you

Sagittarius: Temperance - There is no need to rush. Take your time finding the right mix, when it's right you will know.

Capricorn: 4 of Axes (rev) - Time to get back in the game rejuvenated and refreshed and with a new mindset. Be careful not to burnout

Aquarius: 5 of Staves - Competition can be healthy, just don't let it take you off your game. Use your energy wisely for the things that really matter.

Pisces: 6 of Axes - Changes are afoot. Lessons have been learnt, time to move forward with clarity and new purpose.

Happy new moon,

Ben x


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