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New Moon in Pisces and Tarot-scopes for each sign

New Moon in Pisces 2022 and Tarot-scopes for each sign

On 2nd March 2022 the New Moon in Pisces will be illuminating the skies at 17:35hrs GMT. The sun entered the dreamy, watery sign of Pisces on 18th February 2022 and you probably noticed the subtle shift in the energies. Coming from the sociable, outgoing and big thinking Aquarius, Pisces is the season for retreating and turning inward, focusing on our internal world tapping into our emotions and our intuition. Be prepared for those Muses to start inspiring you in all sorts of imaginative, creative and artistic ways. Your own intuition will be strong so it may be hard to ignore or dismiss those subtle signs you have been receiving.

In Tarot, Pisces is associated with Major Arcana card of The Moon. The Moon as it goes through it's various phases is surrounded by mystery. By the light of The Moon we can never see the full picture, sometimes only what is illuminated in front of us, meaning we have to trust and rely on more that just our 5 senses. We tap into our higher power, our spiritual energies and rely on gut instincts and hunches. Sometimes of course fear and anxiety can creep in as we learn to trust we are on the right path.

Pisces, the 12th House of the Zodiac, is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies, enchantment and purification (amongst a whole host of other things). The Tarot card of The Hanged Man is linked to Neptune, who hung by his foot, upside down, has a completely different perception of things and the world. Making this the perfect card to represent the highly psychic, meditive and idealistic virtues of this combo.

This New Moon is the perfect time for setting intentions around self care, spiritual practises and creative endeavours. Don't be afraid to put your needs first, listen to your mind and your body? What do you need to do. This can also be the perfect time to tackle any old wounds or hurts that need healing. The mutable energy of Pisces may bring some old feelings to the surface. Tackle them head on so you can release them and stop them rearing their head again and throwing a spanner in your game.

Other Astrological aspects to watch out for is the Mercury/Saturn conjunction which also arrives on this day. This conjunction may make your thinking seem super rationale and disciplined. This is a great aspect for cracking on with any goals or projects you have already set in motion but it may be hard for you to get to grips with new ideas as you will want to fact check everything and double check the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Grab that to do list and plough through as much as you can. Keeping your mind busy will stop you from dwelling on any negative thoughts or self-doubt. This energy will be around for a few days so once its passed you will be free to get going again.

On 3rd March 2022 where we have a big ball of energy in the form of Mars and Venus both going conjunct with Pluto, the planet of transformation, in the 10th House of Capricorn. Pluto has been shaking things up in Capricorn for a while now (Capricorn rules governments, authorities... think how much has come to the surface in recent weeks) and adding the fiery planet of Mars and the loving planet of Venus to the mix this could be a big day. This is a day to really sort the wheat from the chaff, filled with drive and ambition if there is anything that no longer serves today you can clear house. With Venus in the mix this could be a day for transforming your relationships too. Tempers can flare and emotions could have to potential to boil over as Mars, the historic ruler of Scorpio and Pluto, the current ruler could see you going on a vendetta, or someone trying to settle scores with you. Try not to waste this productive energy by engaging in this. But if someone is determined to put you in their sights then by all means check a bitch!

There are more transits going on throughout the month of course but as I am still learning I just wanted to give flavour of the big ones around the New Moon. As I learn more I will start sharing more :)

Now lets get to your readings and in the spirit of Pisces season I am using the Inner Alignment Chakra Tarot deck by my friend Levi. Check out his profile to grab a copy of this deck. I will include the chakra of the card as there may be further messages for you when considering your New Moon intentions:

tarot-scopes for each zodiac sign new moon Pisces 2022

Aries: 4 of Pentacles (Root) - Things will be begin to settle and become more solid and now is the time to look at how you can build and expand. Whilst protecting your self and assets is important, dont let that come at the cost of your happiness. Keyword - Security

Taurus: 8 of Wands (Throat) - Expect lots of communication and news coming your way. If things have felt slow or stuck, its going to pick up and may be a bit overwhelming. Its easy to get swept along in the momentum, but dont feel pressured to engage or reply to people straight away if you need a bit of time to consider your options. Keyword - Willpower

Gemini: Seeker of Cups (Knight - Third eye) - Emotions take centre stage. You may receive a proposal or the mood may be right to make one. This doesn't have to be limited to just romance of course. Make sure you are able to follow through on any promises you make including any you make to yourself. Keyword - Inner knowing

Cancer: Crown of Wands (Queen - Sacral) - Tap into and listen to your intuition and creativity, you can really get things moving and grooving. From relationships to business, express yourself freely and step into your power. Keyword - Growth

Leo: Strength (Sacral) - Patience, determination and understanding are in the order of day. Stand firm in the face of any challenges and your courage will see you through. Keyword - Inner Strength

Virgo: 7 of Swords (Third eye) - Be truthful and open and honest in all your dealings and make sure those around you are doing the same. Make sure you are not selling yourself short. Keyword - Honesty

Libra: The Hierophant (Throat) - Aligning with a trusted mentor where you can share ideas may help you release old or out-dated traditions, ideas or beliefs that no longer serve you. Don't be afraid to let them go. Keyword - Faith

Scorpio: 2 of Swords (Throat) - Some decisions may seem easier than others, but don't rush into anything without thinking through the pro's and cons. Slow your roll and make sure you have the facts. Keyword - Choice

Sagittarius: 9 of Cups (Heart) - Do the things right now that make you happy and bring you joy. Whats better than one full cup? 9 full cups of course. Share the love and happiness with those around you who are open to receiving it. Everyone always needs more happiness right? Keyword - Kindness

Capricorn: 2 of Cups (Heart) - Make sure you are making your relationships and partnerships a priority. The more you pour in to nurturing and developing them, the more they grow and who knows where that can lead. Keyword - Relationships

Aquarius: The Hermit (Third eye) - A time of healing and reflection rather than taking bold actions. Considering all your options and taking time to plan your next steps will help you to light the lamp of hope and find your way. Keyword - Knowledge

Pisces: Throne of Pentacles (King - Solar Plexus) - There is a sense of mastery and you need to take pride in all you have built and accomplished. You have the Midas touch, make the most your current assets and new ventures are sure to bring reward. Keyword - Responsibility

Happy New Moon,

Ben x


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