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Spread 'em - 'Don't fear the juice'

If you are reading this, firstly know that you are powerful! We all of us possess our own brand of magic, as unique and special as you are.

Whether its tapping into your intuition, connecting with our spirit guides or just trying to muster up the courage to take that first step on a goal... we bring all our unique skills, experience and magic to the table!

Sometimes however we begin to let the doubts creep in..or we lose ourselves in perfectionism or, as happens to me we feel so overwhelmed with passion and power we can't see the wood for the trees.

2 of my favourite mentors, Silver Raven Tarot and Christianna Gaudet have recently done sessions on Imposter syndrome and spiritual practises. They helped inspire this spread.

If you ever need to remind yourself of your own inner power, get motivated, get confident or have found yourself fearing your own ability or 'juice' then please give this spread a try..

If you do give it try please let me know how you found it ;)

The spread is below with the positions

1. - what is my highest potential for the 'juice'

2 - where am i now in using the 'juice'

3- (crossing card) how will it feel if i don't use the 'juice'

4 - what is currently blocking my 'juice'

5 - what action can i do now to get to the juice

6 - how can i stay fully tapped into the 'juice'

7 - how will it feel when i fully tapped into the 'juice'

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