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What is a Celtic Cross Reading?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

When people think of Tarot this is probably the spread that is the most well known and dates back to who knows when. The spread normally consists of 10 cards, 6 cards that make up the cross and the 4 cards that make the pillar along the side.

This is a great spread to use when you have no question and are just looking for a general overview of your current situation. It looks at everything from past influences, present situations and future/potential outcomes as well as outside factors and what may be stopping you from reaching your goals.

It is essentially a lot of mini spreads contained within a framework of the cards. My personal preference for using this spread is for where you may not have a specific question in mind and would a general overview. It is very in depth and can provide a lot of detailed information that you can then use to form further questions.

I offer this spread as part of the 30/60 zoom readings due to the number of cards and the time it takes to properly analyse it, the 60 minute session is preferable. Also as it does promote further questions I like to ensure you have the time to ask these and can draw further cards to answer these if necessary.

An email option is available for this specific spread which will consist of a photo of your cards and a summary of the interpretations for you to read and digest. Should you have a need for further clarification or follow up questions we can arrange a zoom meeting.

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